“I transfer the versatility of my sports adventures in nature to the creation of photos, videos and design. In my work, I emphasize an authentic experience, which can be a haptic experience with wood or the touch of a cold rock.
Capturing interesting situations high in the mountains has always attracted me the most. Thanks to its versatility, I shoot in hard-to-reach winter environments on a glacier, as well as in the summer when climbing a big wall. As well as climbing heights with a camera, I also enjoy returning to wood crafting in combination with epoxy. I consider these two different worlds of movement and static to be the essence of my work.
Mountain guide education opens up more possibilities for me in the world of verticals. I would like to convey the synergy of visual creation and movement in the mountains to enthusiasts with a similar passion.”

Mountain ascents

  • 2009 Hrana riga | Velký Rabštejn | Jeseníky

  • 2013 Grossglockner | Rakousko

  • 2014 Preussova spára | Tre Cime | Itálie

  • 2016 Cesta přes Rybu | Marmolada | Itálie

  • 2016 Dent Blanche | Švýcarsko

  • 2017 Tetnuldi | Gruzie

  • 2018 Matterhorn Liongrat | Itálie

  • 2018 Das Erbe Der Väter 9- | Tre Cime | Itálie

  • 2019 Kuffner Ridge | Mont Maudit | Francie

  • 2020 Murciana 78 7c+ | Picos


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